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Multitasking is my middle name. On picture, input, output and desktop organising.

Born in '68, a very cool year to be born!
Learned to talk really quickly in order to use my fathers recorder when I was three years old. The fist recordings were not good enough to broadcast and it lasted until we (me, myself, the Cisse and I) in '78 could buy the emergency-transmitter from Radio Mechelen (the first free radio from Mechelen, with as presenters mainly actors from the MMT).

We spended our entire budget on it. Then we had to ask everybody from our neighbourhood if they had old recorders and microphones We made our own mixtable, used the cellar from the Cisse, installed some spotlights and bought a record with tunes from "Radio Action".

You can never guess what name we gave to our station. On Wednesday - Saturday - and Sunday evening we went in the air. We used to start our program with popcorn (The Anarchic System) en ended our broadcast with Fly Like An Eagle (Steve Miller Band) ...

This story continued for three years, till everybody had to had a license. We could get a license for 10 000 Belgian francs a month, which we couldn't afford and we didn't want to pay. After a while, we were threatened by people who worked at a local legal radio station (R&£!&x). They said that if we would continue with broadcasting, they would give our coördinates to the NCS (National Control Service). We knew already knew that other illegal stations were caught so we decided to give it up.

We have been experimentating on the MW and LW, without success, because FM is still the place to be for the real pirate..

As a 16-year-old boy, we started again, now with Radio Marshall, with a stronger radio transmitter and a nice studio. Unfortenately, the R&£!&xmaffia was still around and asked us to stay out of the air. By the way, Radio Marshall was seven days in a week in the air, every evening from 7.00 until 9.00 PM.

At the age of 18, I started to work legally. I had a sports program on CRM (Central Radio Mechelen). It was quite alright but the upcome of the CD went by unnoticed and frustrated I turned my back to the legal scene ...

A couple of years later, I ran in to Tom and "the sage of Erecta" is one that he can tell you more bout. By the way, the saga continues, stay tuned !

If you want to, feel free to mail me