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Hello, welcome to the Radio Erecta website.

Erecta Radio is an illegal radiostation that broadcasts in Mechelen, a city in Belgium.

On December 16th 1992, a dream that Tom had ever since he was a little boy, came true. That was the day that Radio Erecta went into the air for the first time. Ever since, Erecta has been playing cat and mouse with the national distributor for telecommunication, Belgacom, who are looking to catch illegal radio stations. Erecta Radio is illegal, but at the same time, you won't hear ANY advertisements / commercials on our radiostation, and that's something special in our overcommercialised society.
The aim of this website is to increase the familiarity with Radio Erecta. Our transmission range is limited to Mechelen, Hombeek, Leest and Heffen. We only have a potential audience of 80 000 people. In the future, it will be possible to listen at Erecta Radio on Internet. Then, not only people from the area of Mechelen will listen to us, but also from Japan, Nigeria and Latvia. We won't have 80 000 potential listeners anymore, but a potential of hundreds of millions people. More about this in the very near future.

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