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Future plans


For the moment, Radio Erecta has a limitted area in which it can transmit. Only in Mechelen, Hombeek, Leest and Heffen, people can listen to Erecta. Our potential listening audience is some 80 000 people.

In the near future, our potential listening audience will be increased from 80 000 to millions of people. The reason? Erecta Radio will transmit through the internet. So people from Japan, Nigeria and Latvia will be able to listen to Erecta.

Internet is an interactiv medium. At the moment, visitors of this site can e-email us their TOP 5 of all times. We will keep our TOP 50 up-to-date. If you mail us your TOP 5, these 5 songs will gain points and improve their position in our TOP 200 ever. We only show the TOP 50, otherwise the list will be too long.
If we are broadcasting LIVE on the internet, people can ask their favorite song and we will play this song as soon as possible. This service will be available after the summer of '98.
But within a few months, the visitors will be able to listen to programs from the (recent) past.

If you join our Erecta Newsletter, you will be informed when exactly this services will be available.

This site will be translated into the French and German language. This service will be available from July '98